CloseApp Business App

CloseApp Business App is an Android app which is free and available on Google Playstore. Businesses login to this app to manage their accounts.

When we sign up a business, the login details are sent to the phone in order to download the app from Playstore and login with the details. The login details can later be changed.

We need to be physically present at your business premise and so you need to request for a business sign up so that we visit to sign your business up.

Once we sign your business up, users can search for your services, contact, location or direction.

You can upload job opportunities to the general users anytime your business is hiring so users can apply for the position.

You can also share news updates, announcements, portfolio etc with your clients or potential clients. Schools can also use this feature to send notifications, announcements etc to students or parents.


We use end-to-end encryption to messages that you send or receive are secured and nobody can read the messages except you and the one you are communicating with.

GPS Location Tracker

In order to provide you with nearby services & businesses, we access your GPS location to calculate the nearest services or businesses available.

Public Chat

This feature enables users to chat with people nearby. By default, this feature is switched off. You have to turn it on in settings.

Only users who have their public chat on can see the profile of others with the same settings to chat with.

When switched off, one can only chat with businesses.