CloseApp Business

The business version of the CloseApp app which enables user to find services and people near by.

This CloseApp Business enables you to be located by your potential customers and easily navigate to your location or give you a call to do business with you.

You can post discounts, offers and job vacancies for free so people close by could see them.

It is simple to add your business to our digital map. You just download the app and sign up at your business premise for non-moving businesses. Moving businesses such as taxi, waste disposal vehicles,pure water distributors, yoghurt sellers etc. can sign up any where and later update their location.

Once you sign up, you will be contacted by a CloseApp staff to verify your business, take the sign up fee and activate your account for you.


CloseApp is coined from two words, Close and Application.

It is a location base service provider connecting users to businesses and people can as well create an account to socialize with people close by or chat with businesses.

GPS Location Tracker

In order to provide you with nearby services & businesses, we access your GPS location to calculate the nearest services or businesses available.


This feature enables users to chat with people nearby or businesses.You can as well set your chat preferences in order to show you only the kind of chat you prefer.

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